We enable digital uniqueness

Create, sell and trade blockchain-certified collectibles, tickets, licenses, gift cards and more. We are pioneering non-fungible tokens (NFT) on the EOS blockchain to deliver enterprise-grade, NFT-enabled DApps.



Before the Web, assets and entertainment were always linked to physical objects. Contracts were signed on paper, music was played out of vinyl records, collectibles, event tickets, gift cards and ownership certificates were all things you could touch. You had to meet in person with a trusted counterparty in order to trade assets.


Fun is often digital (music, videos, …). Contracts are signed electronically. Tickets, gift cards and many other assets are born digital and live in your smartphone. Value still comes from ownership and scarcity. Many assets can be traded in online marketplaces, but the risk of forgery and fraud is significant.


Assets and documents will get “smart”, i.e. issued, regulated and tracked via blockchain-based smart contracts. Examples include personal IDs, ownership certificates for digital and physical goods, tickets, digital collectibles, gift cards, financial derivatives contracts and supply chain items. There will be huge demand for “smart assets” management and trading solutions.

Use Cases

Digital Content Licensing

STOCK CONTENT PROVIDERS can use UNICO licensing technology to track legitimate usage of stock images, videos, etc. When selling a stock photo, a tokenized license is issued, granting the right to use the photo in a specific context, e.g. on a website. License owners (bloggers, etc.) can then prove via a blockchain-based record that they are lawfully using the content.

Digital Collectibles

DIGITAL CONTENT CREATORS AND STRONG BRANDS, such as artists, music majors, celebrities, sports teams, emerging performers, etc, can now turn their digital creations into limited-edition collectibles for their fans. Collectibles can also be safely traded between users on a secondary market, generating further revenues for the issuer. Using our proprietary ME, HERE & NOW (MHN) technology, collectibles may be linked to the attendance of a specific event.

Game Items

GAME DEVELOPERS can sell on the blockchain tokenized items such as skins, avatars, weapons, etc. The process is the same as for digital collectibles, so the issuer can set the item prize and the size of a limited edition. Items can be safely traded between users on a secondary market and generate further revenues to the issuer. It is worth noting that our solution could enable developers to fund game development costs by preselling game items.


EVENT ORGANIZERS AND TICKETING COMPANIES can issue and sell tokenized e-tickets. If desired, ticket resales can be enabled, with custom limitations. Then, as it will stay on the blockchain forever, each ticket is also a tradable collectible. Our MHN solution can put a digital stamp on the ticket if the owner physically attends an event, increasing its value as a collectible.

Physical Good trading

MERCHANTS OF FINE GOODS (e.g. premium wines, works of art, jewels, etc.) can link ownership certificates to NFTs. In this way, secure online sales and subsequent trading can take place while the goods are kept in safe custody. The holder of a tokenized ownership certificate can request physical delivery of the goods at any time.

finance & gambling

EXCHANGES AND BETTING OPERATORS can tokenize financial derivatives contracts, lottery tickets, betting slips, etc. Our technology then enables safe, decentralized “over-the-counter” trading of such assets, outside the issuing platform, creating additional liquidity and visibility for the product and unlocking new revenue opportunities for the issuer.

Our Technology Stack

Our technology portfolio includes all the components needed to deliver market-ready Plug & Play solutions, by integrating smart contracts, web interfaces, Android & iOS mobile Apps. In particular, UNICO is developing a proprietary “ME, HERE & NOW” (MHN) technology which delivers a proof of the user’s presence in a specific place and time. This proof, which can be “stamped” on NFT-based assets, is a true innovation in the framework of existing Mobile & Proximity Marketing solutions, with applications in several use cases

Road Map

Following 3 years of work,
UNICO is hitting the market in 2019


Claudio Parrinello


Serial entrepreneur, former research physicist, consultant and manager at CERN, Geneva.

Ivan D’Ettorre


Serial entrepreneur 
(3 startups), consultant, engineer, IOT and marketing expert.

Stefano Di Lecce


Serial entrepreneur & marketing expert, former IT consultant at Bain&Co, Deloitte, Ernst&Young, etc

Guendalina Testa

Legal & Accounting

Chartered accountant and auditor. Former assessor of applications for governmental business funding.



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