Understand about the legal validity of our electronic signature

We are in accordance with all brazilian norms that regulate its use:

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We guarantee the 4 principles that support electronic signature along with evidence sets:

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    To ensure authenticity, our technology gathers data like CPF, access code and biometric photo.

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    Intent and non-repudiation

    We capture different data from the signer to ensure he was the one who signed the document.

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    We guarantee document integrity with our isolated storaging services and through hash validation.

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    Our sistem records date and time from the events in the signing process, and this is saved in our database.

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Legal acceptability

Institutions that accept electronic signature

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    Justice courts

    Civil, labor and consumer relations lawsuits

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    Caixa Econômica Federal

    Layoffs; FGTS payment; unemployment insurance

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    Retirement and leave of absence

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    Collective agreements (ex: collective vacations, benefits and remuneration negotiations)

Sign your documents electronically

Superior court's decisions and interpretations

Jurisprudence regarding the use of electronic signature for overtime.

The company that received the lawsuit presented several overtime controls electronically signed by the plaintiff, which were considered by the judge instead of contradictory testimony statements.

icone São Paulo, 24/01/2018

Jurisprudence regarding the lack of electronic signature in documents

The company presented internal messages from the communication system, which contains unilateral information on the reason the employee gave for not signing TRCT (which did not include the transport assistance funds). Due to the lack of an electronic signature solution, the judge declared the company's evidence invalid.

icone São Paulo, 26/08/2017

Jurisprudence regarding the use of electronic signatures to receive overtime

The judge dismissed the request for overtime differences, considering that the plaintiff did not produce evidence capable of eliminating the time controls signed electronically by her.

icone São Paulo, 10/07/2017

Jurisprudence regarding the use of electronic signatures to receive overtime

The author of the lawsuit did not prove any disagreement with the time records, which were electronically signed, and as this technology is permitted by the Ministry of Labor and Employment, the request was not upheld before the judge.

icone São Paulo, 29/08/2017

We have already suffered labor lawsuits and we have not had any cases where the judge did not accept the electronic signature. Also, due to the agility of the electronic signature process, I can get my team to perform other tasks, bringing more efficiency and results.


Pharmaceutical group

The challenge for our segment is to allow supervision to focus on people management, especially on their safety, instead of working in administrative functions, with paper. With the electronic signature of unico people we automate 9 manual processes . The gain is clear.



The electronic signature is very functional , it solves the problem of HR, of the back and forth of documents. In addition, of course, the reduction in printing, transfer and storage costs . Above all, it positively changes the experience of our employees. Users like it a lot, find it intuitive, agile and easy to handle.


Retail trade
of jewelry

The legal area doesn't need to be complicated.

Understand the main doubts about the validity of an electronic signature:

Sign your documents electronically

What is an electronic signature?

The electronic signature is a simple way to sign an online document but it has several technological resources to prove its validity, such as Authorship, Integrity, Intention and non-repudiation, Timeliness and Confidentiality.

What is the difference between electronic signature and digital signature?

While an electronic signature is similar to a "digitalized" handwritten signature, but with more secure attributes for the registration of its authorship and integrity, a digital signature is made only through a digital certificate in the form recognized by ICP-Brasil. Very few people have a digital certificate and the procedure for acquiring it is time-consuming and costly. The digital signature has proved to be unfeasible and not widespread.The government has even recently enacted laws and measures to make it unnecessary for public services, with few exceptions.

Can I electronically sign any document?

The legal validity of the electronic signature is recognized in Brazil in several contracts and documents in general, except when a specific form is required by law. In the case of documents used by the HR team, such as an employment contract, communications, terms, statements, time sheet, admission kit and others, they are allowed and recognized in the face of the use of electronic signatures by the Ministry of Labor and Employment.

In addition to legal validity, does the signature comply with LGPD?

Yes. Secure data storage has always been in our DNA. Unico works with the consent of users in the data transfer process, granting autonomy to manage their own data. It has a rigid security structure and data storage in the cloud and still performs all communication with users in a clear and transparent way.

How to prove an electronic signature?

unico offers an attached page with the complete history of signatures in the form of a evidential set, in all documents signed electronically, in addition to offering a single hash of the original file that guarantees the integrity of the document. Thus, this attached document is the source of information that will be considered by the judge in the case of labor proceedings.

What does unico offer as an evidence set (information that proves the validity of my signature)?

Unico records a set of information at each stage of the subscription flow. This set of information consists of data from the device that performed the signature, authentication code validation, geolocation, internet protocol (IP), logical port, document encoding (hash), date, time and facial biometrics. These grouped data are responsible for the history and traceability that guarantees the legal validity of the electronic signature.

Do you have legal support from any law firm?

Yes, we have the support of major law firms in the country specialized in digital law and privacy and data protection that backs our technologies.