We believe the data belongs to the people, and they have every right to it.

Unico is a Brazilian IDtech that simplifies and protects people's relationships with the companies per visual identity.

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We don't do or support people's monitoring.
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Our Non-negotiables

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Knowledge icone
Knowledge Knowledge is our most superior protection.

Our private data are like treasures. Knowing them allows us to treat them responsibly.

Equity icone
Equity We dream of a fair and straightforward World.

where everybody is treated the same and people do not have to be proving who they are. We are not the surveillance.

Transparency icone
Transparency We build confidence with transparency.

The data belongs to the holder, and we must give them total control.

Respect icone
Respect We respect what you entrusted to us.

We stand by the holders to ensure that the data provided is secure and treated correctly.

How did we meet?

Biometric Face Recognition

If you interact with any company, whether to register or get a new card at the store you love, we are there!

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In just a few seconds, our technology authenticates you, ensuring that you are yourself and making the process secure for everyone.

Digital admission

"Did you start the admission process in the company you wanted to work for so long, and they didn't ask you to bring several copies of documents but to stay at home just taking pictures of your documents in a differentiated authentication platform? We are there!"

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Our technology helps you do the admission process without bureaucracy and will validate your documents in an agile and practical way.

Electronic Signature

You planned to leave the house early and sign all the paperwork for the day, but they sent you a link to check and sign your documents 100% digitally? We are there!

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We help people and businesses save time and costs by adopting electronic signatures.
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Frequently asked questions about unico

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What's UNICO, and why do they have my data?

unico (formerly Acesso Digital) is a Brazilian technology company dedicated to authenticating identities in the digital world.
We make it easy for people to interact with companies in a simple, fast, and secure way when hiring services or buying products, with less paper and more control about your data, all according to the law.
That's what we call IDTech. Many companies use our products to validate identity or hire new employees. We act as controllers or operators of the data provided to these companies, as presented in terms of use and consent used by them. Thus, when purchasing at a store, for example, consumers' data is stored with us, where they are protected and used for validation.

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Can I check my data at UNICO?

UNICO believes that people should have control of their data, so anyone can consult their data through our website and, soon, through an app.

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Does UNICO have a Privacy Policy?

Yes, in force since June 2020, the policy is available for download and has five detailed pages on the entire journey of the holders' data within UNICO.

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Does UNICO comply with the LGPD?

Yes, even before the law came into force. As controllers, we implemented technical and organizational measures, bringing transparency to how we process personal data and proving that everything is in full compliance with the principles and guidelines established by the LGPD.

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Does UNICO work with governments or surveillance systems?

No. UNICO develops products only for private companies and focuses on identity authentication without monitoring, social control, or data commercialization.

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What is Digital Identity?

It is a set of documents about a person grouped in an online environment, such as RG, CPF, facial biometrics (photo), among others. This information serves to validate that this person is who they claim to be. At UNICO, we use facial biometrics to do this validation practically and fast, using just a selfie, eliminating signatures and other bureaucratic proofs.

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When and how did I authorize UNICO to have access to my data?

Many companies use our products to validate identity or hire new employees. We act as controllers or operators of the data provided to these companies, as presented in terms of use and consent used by them. Thus, when purchasing at a store, for example, consumers' data is stored with us, where they are protected and used for validation.The capture of the image, through a posed photo, is done with the person's consent.

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I want to delete my data from the UNICO base. Why do I need to share more information and take a photo?

We need to ensure that the actual owner requested the deletion of the data, so we will need to ask for some information to do this validation. This information can include documents or photos, but we will delete all data provided and the old data at the end of the process.

Our Content

More information for download

segurança e privacidade Data security and privacy
Website and Services Privacy Policy.

Website and Services Privacy Policy.

Here you will find all the information you need to know about how we handle the data and the information you trusted us. Please be aware that when browsing on our website or using our services, even for free, we understand that you agree with the way we treat your information and data.

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Data Management

We want you to feel safe with us and know that your data is our priority and your exclusive property. Therefore, we have as a non-negotiable value the respect for the decisions you may take due to your rights.


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