The admission process of your business can be as simple as opening a digital bank account

  • icone timer Admit your employees in up to 43 minutes
  • icone sign Sign all the HR documents electronically
  • icone documento Manage all your hiring in real-time
  • icone database Automate your data validation through eSocial and Post Office
  • icone telefone Responsive, mobile-first admission experience
  • icone suporte Stop worrying about your candidates' questions

Your candidate is admitted without leaving home

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By using an admission process that is 99% faster, your HR team will have more time to focus on developing strategic solutions of high impact

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“It was a watershed event to Sephora. Through these solutions, we increased the productivity of our operations and delivered a better digital journey to our employees. Nowadays, our HR department is more strategic due to automation.”

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Viviane Santana

From Sephora
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The employment record book is already digital, and through unico | people you can completely avoid the need for human contact and will center all admission.

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"A great part of our candidates used to have trouble going to our headquarters office only to leave their documents, and that is the thing that used to concern me the most. Now, this problem is solved, and furthermore, the unico | people paid for itself here in Dasa.”

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Ernesto Hideki

from Dasa
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The digital transformation of your HR can start at the admission process. Your business may be able to beat records.

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"Suzano achieved one record case by using the unico | people. It was possible to end up an entire admission procedure in only 1 and a half hours, and the candidate took only 30 minutes to send all the documents."

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Rudson Lima

from Suzano
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In the first contact with the collaborator of your business, surprise him with an experience of admission completely digital and more efficient.

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"We had much more efficiency and less manual work in the admission process, thanks to the unico | people. We have been able to provide a good experience to the candidate, and also to our employees. Besides, we reduced SLA and also hiring costs."

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Technological sector client

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Simplify bureaucratic processes

No paperwork or conflicting data 😄

Our electronic signature has already been used by half a million people

See how our solution can also help your HR

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    Reduce paper printing, physical storage and pouch service costs

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    Eliminate document losses and filling errors

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    Centralize all of your employee's journey information

Check legal validity

What are the most signed documents?


1st - Ongoing documents

Communications (PEP, relocation, etc.), commitment terms and NDAs, policies (IS, home office, etc.), income tax return, statement of dependents, etc.


2nd - Adequacy to the pandemic

Contract suspension and reduction, collective agreements, adaptation to PMs, contract amendments.


3rd - Onboarding

Admission kit, record, employment contract, registration of dependents


4rth - Offboarding

Employment termination agreement, unemployment insurance agreement, retirement statement


5th - Benefits

Enrollment or alteration forms (including dependents) for transportation voucher, healthcare insurance, life insurance, etc.

We provide electronic signatures for these and many other types of documents.

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Integration with payroll systems and length of service additionalicone checkicone checkicone checkicone check
Typification of documents with Optical Character Recognitionicone checkicone checkicone check
Benefits module with VT routingicone checkicone check
Chatbot for your candidate's questionsicone checkicone check
Electronic signatureicone checkicone check
Automatic validation with e-Socialicone checkicone check
Analysis SLA less than 3 hoursicone check
Validation of all mandatory data on admissionsicone check
Native integration between admission system and electronic signatureicone checkicone check
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Top 5 Priorities for HR Leaders in 2020

One of the top 5 priorities for HR managers in 2021 will be the Digital Transformation. What's yours?

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Our team will contact you up to 1 business hour

Our successful cases

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I was impressed with the agility to deploy unico’s solution – it only took 5 business days. unico | people superseded the competition due to the quality of the technology and the fact that they are responsible for analyzing all the documents submitted by my employees, in addition to being a market benchmark.


from Rihappy

There were 197,646 fewer verifications/month

6-hour savings / admission with manual labor

50%+ of admission documents were signed electronically within 2 hours

Reduction of 3 days in admission time

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Today, an admission that took about 1 month takes just 4 days. And we still have 3 record cases where the candidates made the admission of 30 to 40 minutes. unico | people paid for itself here at Dasa. I can say that working with unico is a path of no return for us, we no longer see the possibility of admitting people in a traditional way

Ernesto Hideki

from Dasa

98% efficiency in the admission process

Candidate passes through our tool, on average, only 2 times.

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We chose unico because it gave me security, I had good references and because they are great partners. For example, we are always served on time and the relationship is very easy and fluid. In summary, for us the tool conveys technology, innovation, agility and less bureaucracy.

Marina Ramos

from Sephora

Reduction of 13 days in the admission process

Centralized admission

Tool that transmits technology, innovation and agility.

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The challenge for our segment is to allow supervision to focus on people management, not on paper, in administrative functions. With electronic signature of unico | people we automate 9 manual processes. The gain is clear. We were able to take advantage of our team in more strategic HR functions, promoting sustainability values and ensuring greater legal security for the business.

Rogério Sierra

from Haganá

6 employees better used in strategic HR activities

100% elimination of HR paper use and storaging

Reduction of legal risk with labor lawsuits

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In the time between being chosen and taking the documentation, there is the possibility of losing the candidate, who may find it difficult to return to the company because he is unemployed, or is sometimes participating in another selection process. The time for admission here fell from 15 to 3 or 4 days. We have eliminated in 80% the possibility of losing candidates

Damião Vicente

from Casa do Pão de Queijo

+73% de agilidade no processo admissional

80% da possiblidade de pereda de um candidato foi eliminado

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When I need to send a document for signature, I can't think about the paper anymore. The electronic signature, in addition to saving paper, generates incredible simplicity in the process. In seconds, I can send a document and it is quickly signed by my collaborators. Still, in just 2 days we were able to finalize the implementation of the solution and already start sending documents electronically.

Flavia Moreira

From Habib's

In seconds I can send a document and it is quickly signed by my collaborators

In 2 days we finished the implementation of the subscription module

Count on us so your business can be a part of our successful cases.

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