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  • icone dinheiro Eliminate costs with frauds and analysis table
  • icone foguete Increase your revenue with higher sale conversion
  • icone Enhance your client's experience by eliminating bureaucratic procedures

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"Based on a test that we carried out, by comparing the number of frauds identified by Acesso Digital and a competing company, we decided to choose the Acesso Digital. The ROI was clear. ”

Marcos Silva Client from financial segment

“Besides reducing our fraud issues to nearly zero, the AcessoBio helped us out to improve our sales by plus 12%.”

Rubens Lisboa Frauds prevention manager

“We have reached such positive results, that we already have new projects in mind, with the use of Biometrics on other fronts in our process. This is a partnership that, for sure, we are very proud of and satisfied with.”

Patrícia Cristiano Credit and Collection Manager